A Glimpse Behind the Scenes

Sara and Joe Martinez

A Closer Look


In case we haven't met, let me tell you a bit about myself and the story behind Strategic Steps. 

My husband, Joe, and I love walking alongside people as they discover and step into their full potential, individually and collectively. You're the heroes in our lives!

Setting the strategic steps in place for personal, team and organizational transformation is a natural and learned skill in my life. Likewise, I've experienced firsthand the pitfalls and mountaintops of working in stifling or empowering teams and organizational cultures. 

The foundations of identity, honor, grace, valor and trust have proven critical in navigating each circumstance. I have stretched, grown and implemented these cornerstone principles throughout 25 years in leadership as a speaker, trainer, consultant, teacher and mentor.

Delighting in the uniqueness of each context, I've experienced and guided this cultural transformation across ethnic, socio economic, educational, faith based and geographic settings.

There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing the people you invest in reach levels of personal fulfillment and corporate impact they never thought possible. The greatest accomplishment in any leaders life is to see the people you're pouring into reach heights even beyond where you've been. We created Strategic Steps based on that purpose - to help unleash your potential and maximize your impact! 

Since starting Strategic Steps, I've been humbled and honored to develop thousands of for profit, non profit, educational, faith based and marketplace leaders and teams, found a school for adult leaders, lead leadership and team retreats across sectors, and serve as a frequent speaker at conferences, seminars, services and organizational events.

The result...coming alongside you, your team and your organization with the tools to see you thrive!  

Cheering you on in this pursuit within your own life, family, team and organization!

Onward and upward,


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